I’m oh so very sorry. I’ve been the worst blogger EVER lately. I think I’ve mentioned a few times that when I started this blog, I forgot to consider how difficult it would be to blog consistently AND be a college student AND be a research assistant AND be a girlfriend. Especially during the dreaded dead week. If you’re not a college student, dead week is the week before finals. This week is when most final papers/last minute extra credit/random assignments that the professor forgot to assign earlier are all due. Not too mention we’re cramming for our finals the next week. It’s hard. I’ve had 4 final papers, 2 “formal discussion”, and 5 busy work assignments so far. And I still have 4 finals to prepare for.

Many students cope by sleeping in the cafe on campus:

Usually, I would cook compulsively to cope, but I actually don’t have the time.

Three more terms, three more terms, three more terms…

In fact, right now I should be finishing my last final paper. I kind of am. This is what my computer is like right now:


Whew. Anyways, food related things. I don’t usually cook during these busy periods, unless I have a break down, so my dinners haven’t been anything too blog worthy. I thought I’d share them with you anyways.

A trip home means a bag full of frozen meat goodness, which happened to be venison this time around. So our quick-and-easy-but-still-awesome dinner on Sunday was venison nachos.

Same as regular nachos, but with ground venison instead of beef. They were awesome, and much leaner. But does that really matter when they’re covered in cheese? I pretend it does…

Monday, we had Papa Murphy’s pizza. Monday was really hard, okay?! And pizza’s awesome.

Yesterday, I insisted on my comfort food and cooked a little. We had sirloin steak and mashed potatoes. It rocked my world. I cooked stove top for the first time in my life in a little bit of melted butter, and it was perfect. It smelled far too good to waste time taking a picture before shoving it down my throat. I love steak. As I’ve said, I blame my parents.

Today, we had Chipotle for dinner. I think we’re addicted to that place. But! I did make a good lunch. We had grilled cheeses, but I put a nice twist on them by spreading some of the leftover chipotle-mayo mixture from our fish tacos inside the bread. It rocked. Have I mentioned we like spicy food?

Anyways, I’m going to be posting my cookie exchange recipe this weekend… and it’ll rock your world. Get ready. Hopefully I’ll have something before then!

Enjoy your week, and college students, don’t hurt yourselves. It’s almost over. If you survive, I’ll bake you some of my awesome cookie exchange cookies.