So yesterday I thought of this seemingly great idea, and was expecting to have something awesome to share with you. I have a jerked chicken recipe that I love, and I usually just do it as a marinade and grill it or pan cook it and serve it with rice. I decided I wanted to include it in this week’s dinner rotation, so I went to the store and picked up a habanero pepper, as this is an essential ingredient in this recipe. Then I was struck with brilliance, or so I thought: why not try this recipe in the slow cooker! This has been an especially busy week so anything that I can make easier is welcome. So the next day, I prepared the chicken as I usually would for the slow cooker by seasoning it with salt and pepper then browning it on the stove, and combined my usual jerked chicken ingredients and poured them into the slow cooker along with the chicken. I used the entire habanero pepper, as I usually do, without thinking twice.

I learned the hard way that slow cookers and chilies so hot I can’t even touch them with my fingers do not mix well. My boyfriend, who makes everything three times spicier than I would ever want, couldn’t come close to handling it. So we threw it all away (it hurts my heart a little to waste two chicken breasts) and grabbed some Carl’s Jr. instead. Lesson learned!

Tonight or tomorrow, though, I will have a yummy pork recipe to share 🙂 Have a good Wednesday!