As you might have seen or heard, my dear Oregon Ducks lost to the Auburn Tigers in the National Championship game Monday night. That’s okay though, it was a great game and a very close one at that. We lost 22-19 with a field goal in just the last few seconds.

Being the person that I am, we had a few people over and I cooked despite being somewhat sick. I made spinach dip, pizza bites (which I’ll be posting later this week), teriyaki chicken legs, and hot wings. Unfortunately, I only got two pictures during the event on my phone.

First, the food being demolished:

And my lovely roommate enjoying her margarita:

It was really fun!

… Except by the end of the night I was running a fever and couldn’t stop coughing. The next day I went to the doctor, and it turns out I have the flu, like real influenza, and we caught it too late to treat so they’re concerned it could turn into pneumonia.

I will never, ever skip out on the flu shot again.

Not to mention, having asthma makes this much worse. I had to rent a nebulizer, which is a weird machine that helps me breathe.

I certainly do not feel like I am only twenty years old right now.

Anyways, this week I will be focusing on getting healthy and trying to keep up with school, but hopefully I’ll have a new recipe related post up on Friday, so hang with me! 🙂

Enjoy your week, and try not to mourn the Duckies’ loss for long!

Did any of you guys watch the game? If so, did you cook anything? My very talented friend Anjelica made this incredible cake: