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A Duck's Oven - Simple recipes for the aspiring home cook, and a little sous vide, too!

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Hi, I’m Chelsea!

I first started this blog as a college student hoping to encourage other students to branch outside of pizza and boxed mac and cheese. While I still rely on simple recipes to produce fun, comforting food, you'll now find tons of sous vide recipes, too!


3 egg bites, a white plate with bacon and goat cheese, egg shells on a pink surface

30-Minute Sous Vide Egg Bites with Cottage Cheese, Goat Cheese, and Bacon

5 stars from 4 reviews
Asparagus spears on a white plate with lemons on a pink surface

12 Minute Sous Vide Asparagus

4.89 stars from 9 reviews
Flaked sous vide salmon on a white plate with chimichurri sauce.

30 Minute Sous Vide Salmon

5 stars from 3 reviews
Sous vide Meal Prep cover with confetti
my cookbook

Sous Vide Meal Prep

This new cookbook teaches home cooks Chelsea’s method for incorporating sous vide cooking into their meal prepping routines so they’ll never find themselves wondering, “What can I possibly make for dinner tonight?” again.

My Fav Sous Vide Recipes

Sliced tri-tip and bowl of blue cheese butter on wood cutting board

How to Sous Vide Tri-Tip Steak Perfectly

5 stars from 5 reviews

Sous Vide Cilantro Lime Shrimp

5 stars from 2 reviews

Fool-Proof Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

5 stars from 4 reviews

Sous Vide Whole Chicken (Spatchcocked)

5 stars from 13 reviews