I really love pumpkin. Like really, really love pumpkin. Although I think it’s kind of over the top the way everyone goes nuts for it this time of year, I can’t say I’m not guilty of doing it, too. I’ve even added pumpkin to my oatmeal.

And it was delicious.

So, in honor of pumpkin blowing everybody’s freakin’ minds, here is a recap of everything pumpkin I’ve ever posted.

First up, pumpkin snickerdoodles. Cinnamony pumpkiny goodness.

Pumpkin pie dip. This was all Boyfriend and I ate for a week. Not joking.

There are some things that I make and then immediately regret because it was so amazingly tasty that Boyfriend begs for it every day. Literally. This is one of them: pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

The classic pumpkin pie.

An old favorite. I haven’t made it in awhile, and reading this recipe really makes me want to revive it… pumpkin blondies with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Notice that I don’t have any savory pumpkin items. I’m a little scared to take pumpkin in this direction because I’m so used to using it in sweet form. Any suggestions for a beginner?

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