It is October. Ooooh my gosh. Two and a half months left in Cape Town. What.

This month’s desktop calendar is of course, Halloween themed, because we need as many opportunities to celebrate holidays as possible. I don’t think they celebrate Halloween in South Africa in quite the same way as they do in the US, like no trick or treating, but they do celebrate. Time to attempt to limit myself to one bag of candy corn a week. This is not a joke: I have actually made myself physically ill from eating too much candy corn. I’ll spare you the details.

In case you’re curious about the adorable cupcakes on the calendar, they’re Pumpkin Ghost Cupcakes I posted a couple of years ago. They’re super easy to make and totally adorable.

To set this photo as your desktop calendar, click the photo for your desktop size to open it in a new tab, then right click the photo and save it to your computer. You can then set it as your desktop! The one above is for a 1280×800 desktop (a 13 inch Macbook). Here are some more desktop sizes.