Football season is in full swing, everybody! Boyfriend and I went to the first conference game of the season, Oregon vs. Cal. It was really fun.


I have truly never been outside in a storm like that- the announcers called it “monsoon weather”. At first it made the game even more fun and exciting. Cal literally could not hold on to the ball, so much so that their first three drives ended in fumbles recovered by the Ducks.

This fired everyone up and put a bright spin on the dismal weather, but once we were up 27-0, the onslaught of giant raindrops being whipped at our faces by the stormy wind, it got really old.

I’ve never left a game more than 2 minutes or so early, but I just couldn’t hang last night. We were safely up 41-0 a few minutes before half, and considering my poncho, raincoat, jeans, and boots were entirely soaked through, we decided to start the mile and a half long journey back to the car.

It would have been fun to have the bragging rights of having stayed through that giant puddle of a game- only 5,000 of the originally 58,000 fans made it- but my health is thanking me today.

Addicted to Quack – Steve Dykes
The Daily Emerald – Michael Arellano

Overall it was a very fun day, and I was so happy to be back in Autzen Stadium. We made stops at the 6th Street Grill, The Cooler, and the “Mo” (Moshofsky Center). My Ducks are ranked #2 in the country! I’m so excited for a fun season.

Who are you rooting for? Don’t worry, you’ll only get spiteful responses from me if your response begins with Hus- and ends with a -kies… I root for the Beavs as long as they aren’t playing us!