A few weeks ago, my parents and Boyfriend kindly volunteered to try several wing recipes for me, and we dubbed it a wing party! My grandparents even stopped by to join in the tasting of bizarre, but delicious, wing creations.

The photo above is a batch of wings that my dad smoked for us. Although they were delicious and the smoky flavor was incredible, the skin and fat didn’t crisp up in quite the same way that frying allows them to. Still completely awesome, just not your usual chicken wing. I’ll take a plate-full anytime!

I made several different sauces, including my original hot wings which I live and die by. I think they might be one of my favorite foods.

I tried out my sweet hot chili wings on them, which were a HUGE hit. They might have been the crowd favorite.

I also made a couple of fun, new sauces. And they all turned out great! First, was a jerk chicken hot wing. The sauce was made with Yoshida’s teriyaki, habanero pepper, and green onion.

The sauce got tossed with some beautiful fried and smoked wings.

Perhaps the most odd but awesomely delicious wings were chipotle blackberry wings. I’ve had chipotle blackberry sauces on other types of meat- why not wings?! I was scared to try this but I’m so glad I did because they were fantastic and so much different than anything else I’ve had. The sauce was made of cooked down and strained blackberries mixed with pureed chipotles in adobo and adobo sauce. It looked like this:

And the chipotle blackberry wings looked like this:

We had so much fun! Together, we ate about fifty wings and drank several beers. This is what we were left with once all was said and done:

But hey, the chef doesn’t do clean up! I’ll work on perfecting these recipes and share them with you soon. Make your next party a wing party!