I don’t know where you are, but it has been seriously cold up in Oregon. Cold and predictably rainy. I find comfort in spicy food.

We, especially Boyfriend, love Mexican food around here. We have it a couple times a week, whether I cook it or we pick up some Chipotle. Or sometimes Burrito Boy, a local chain.

But Boyfriend likes it best when I do it, and when I take the time to do it all, including homemade tortillas. I think we’re getting a tortilla press soon.

The tortillas are very important but even more so (arguably) is the meat. I usually use ground beef, and I think I’ve got it down pat by now.

The quality of the beef is super important when trying to make perfect tacos. If you can get the organic, grass fed stuff, do it! It’s so worth it. Ordinarily, being a college student would not allow me to do this, but Boyfriend has an aunt that raises cattle and my dad hunts, meaning we have a full freezer. The organic stuff is great for tacos (and you) because it has low fat content.

So cook up your good, organic beef until it’s nice and browned. I haven’t drained this at all, and you can hardly see any fat! I love it.

Now, here are the key components to dressing up your beef: good taco seasoning (I know that taco seasoning is a sin against nature but I love the saltiness it brings. You don’t even need it if you can’t stand the idea), chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder (or diced onions if you have a boyfriend that will go near vegetables), and, if you wanna spice up your life, cayenne pepper. Prepare the taco seasoning according to the package directions, and throw all your ingredients in there. Cook it until the liquid is absorbed and your kitchen starts smelling divine.

I was craving crunchy tacos. They’re great dressed up with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, and anything else you can think of. I only show them with cheese, because that’s what I felt like that night! I may have added salsa later.

Predictably, Boyfriend dumped on the Tapatio and ended up taking my entire bottle of Tums shortly after.

Please, don’t hurt yourself like Boyfriend always does, and enjoy these tacos!

Ground Beef for Tacos
1 lb organic beef
Taco Seasoning (prepare according to package directions with water)
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder OR 1/4 cup diced onions
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

Cook beef on medium heat in a large skillet until browned. Add remaining ingredients until all liquid is absorbed and ingredients are well incorporated.