Fiance and I got to go to the top of the incredible giant that looms over all of Cape Town: Table Mountain. I wish I could say that we were bad*ss enough to have climbed it, but that’s a hike reserved for braver climbers than I.
Photo Credit to Fiance 🙂
Instead, Cape Town has provides a handy dandy “aerial cableway” to take you up the scariest (steepest) of it.

We spent a couple hours exploring as much of the top as we safely (kind of) could to make sure we saw Cape Town from every possible angle. I know I’ve said this in my other adventure posts, but I gotta say it again: it was really, truly awe-inspiring.

I’ll be honest, here: much to Fiance’s dismay, I’ve never been one for hiking, camping, or other activities where there aren’t bottled water and real bathrooms available nearby. Admittedly, this particular venture had all of those things (even a cafe up there!), but after these experiences I’m much more willing to go without to enjoy views and wonders like these.

I’m still not entirely clear on how such a unique formation as Table Mountain came to be, geologically speaking. Why the flat top and incredibly steep sides? Also, how does so much plant life survive on such an arid surface? I’ve seriously considered e-mailing my high school geology teacher a few times. Or I could probably just Google it.

Fiance has a new found love for capturing awesome panoramas of the beautiful things we’ve gotten to experience here, hence the first photo of this post. While this is great and we enjoy the photos, the lengths he’s willing to go to to get them are sometimes not so fun for me to watch. On top of Table Mountain, there is a theoretical path you’re supposed to stick to. Both of us ventured far off of it, but Fiance took it much farther than me. This photo doesn’t look all too scary, but to get to that ledge he had to hop a couple crevasses with only the city to catch his fall. I will say, the resulting photos are gorgeous… but I don’t want to encourage this behavior. I like having him around most of the time.

There are so many lizards here! The ones on top of Table Mountain were especially colorful.

Even though I don’t have the skills, desire, or physical and emotional ability to climb Table Mountain, I did, however, climb that rock you see in the photo below. From this height, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a pretty good workout.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Cape Town (which I highly recommend!) you must take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. I’ve had very few experiences that compare.