On the day of Halloween, I stopped by Target on my way home from work and snatched the last few bags of Halloween candy. I thought “Hey, I live in a pretty big complex and always see kids around. I bet I’ll get some trick or treaters!”

I got ONE. Well, one and a half. A kid got his older sister to take him. I let them each take three candies and made their nights. It was the good stuff, too. Reeses, Twix, Hershey’s bars. I really wished I would have warned them to not go to my crazy cat lady neighbor, though.
Anyways, Boyfriend and I took care of most of the leftover candy, except the Almond Joys. We are not big Almond Joy fans around here. It’s not that I don’t like the almond, chocolate, or coconut, but there’s just too much coconut in one bite.
So, I decided to throw them into my food processor and add them to chocolate chip cookies. And they were FABULOUS. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating them to actually take any pictures, but you could totally add almost any Halloween candy to cookies. Although, I might stay away from anything of the sour variety.
Here are some other ideas from wonderful bloggers across the interwebs.
Candy bark! I’ve seen this idea EVERYWHERE lately and I love it. Especially this recipe from Pennies on a Platter.
Halloween Popcorn Cake from Taste and Tell! So creative.
Halloween Candy Rice Krispy Treats from Liv Life! I’ve been on a Rice Krispy Treats kick lately.
Have fun! And you know what, there’s really no harm in just eating all of your Halloween candy 🙂