Disclosure: I was gifted this cooler in exchange for a review. All thoughts in this review are my own and this was written after using the cooler several times.

Newair cooler in back of car at campground

My husband and I love to go camping. It’s probably the activity we look forward to most every summer! We are what they call “car campers” – not that we camp in the car, but we don’t hike in and we tent camp, not RV.

In fact, taking the car is important to me, because I want to be able to cook good food when I camp! Not to mention, enjoy some beer and wine. Those things aren’t possible without a cooler.

We’ve tried out a lot of coolers over the past decade of camping. We started out with a hand-me-down that barely lasted 6 hours and finally upgraded to something sturdier that would last a couple days. But with these coolers, you’re never quite sure how cold the inside is and you certainly can’t keep anything frozen.

Then I learned about Newair’s Portable Electric Cooler and knew I had to try it for our camping trips!

What is this cooler, you ask? It’s like a really good cooler, but it also has…

  • two separate compartments, each with their own temperature settings
  • the ability to be set as low as -4 degrees F
  • retractable handle and off-road wheels
  • durable LG Compressor works silently to power your cooler in the backcountry
  • plug into your car or charge by solar and battery

For our first trip out, I used one compartment like a freezer and one like a fridge, as most people would, and it was great! Kept meat frozen until the day I wanted to cook it and loved it.

Newair cooler in back of car at campground

For our next trip, I changed things up: one side was for drinks and one was for food. We kept the food side colder than the drink side.

Our big camping trip this summer included 4 different campgrounds from the Northern Oregon coast all the way to the Redwoods in California and then back up to Portland, so we would charge the cooler on the car while driving between cities and it worked really well.

Since I do truly cook while we camp, it means I pack in raw meat, dairy, breakfast burritos, etc. and it was so nice to feel confident that our food was actually staying cold (and therefore safe to eat)!

The cons/things to note about this cooler:

  • the rechargeable battery and solar panel have to be purchased separately, which for us was essential since we wanted to use it while the car wasn’t running
  • the eco mode doesn’t really seem to hold temperature, so the battery will die within about 8 hours

However, even when the battery does die, you’re still working with a top of the line cooler, so you can rest assured your items will stay nice and cold for several days (with the help of some ice).

Newair cooler in back of car at campground

If you’re interested in snagging the ultimate camping cooler for yourself, head to Newair’s website and use code DUCKSOVEN10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.