Being a college student, I’ve gotten really good at working with what I’ve got. Yes, I may get some grocery money from my parents, and yes, I do make a bit of money working as a research assistant, but it’s not much. Especially because I love cooking so much. My budget would be way more manageable if I could tolerate eating Top Ramen and mac ‘n’ cheese for every meal, but I just can’t. I do have a few appliances that many college students don’t (and wouldn’t know how to use anyway) such as my pride and joy- my Kitchen Aid mixer (which I inherited from my mom after she loved and cared for it for 18 years), a George Foreman grill (purchased at Good Will for $7, oh yeah!), and a small crock pot (a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday). Although these allow me to prepare just about anything, I can’t help but have my eye on a few things.

For example, this gorgeous “make and take” bakeware from Chantal.

Or this pizza stone from Williams-Sonoma.

Or their Madeleine pan.

I could really, really use a nice, big food processor, like this pink KitchenAid Cook for the Cure model.

I love this spice rack from Ikea. It would work perfectly hanging from the towel rack on my baking cart (pictures soon to come of its remodel).

Oh man. Maybe I’ll participate in a few paid psych studies on campus… I’ll have my dream kitchen one day!
What’s your favorite kitchen item?