How to Use Sous Vide to Meal Prep

Adding sous vide to your meal prep routine is going to totally change the game for you. My favorite approach is to stock your freezer with ready-to-sous-vide proteins that can go straight from frozen to the water bath, no defrosting required. At the beginning of the week, sous vide a few protein basics that you can use in meals throughout the week, and that will always be cooked perfectly.

1. Buy in bulk when proteins go on sale. This is especially great for bulk wholesale stores like Costco. Anytime you see a good sale, stock up!

2. Portion the protein for your family’s size and pick 2-3 ways to season them. I have tons of rubs, marinades, and sauces in my cookbook Sous Vide Meal Prep, but you can also find rub and marinade recipes right here on my website. For example, if you found pork chops on sale, prepare half for sous vide pork chops and apples and the other half with my Chipotle Mustard Marinade (both recipes can be found in my cookbook!).

3. Vacuum seal the portioned and seasoned protein. Using a vacuum sealer and vacuum seal bags is the best way to ensure your meat won’t get any freezer burn, but I do have other air removal methods if you’d prefer.

4. Fill your freezer! Put all the vacuum sealed food into the freezer to sous vide later.

When you’re ready to enjoy one of these meals, you can go straight from the freezer to your sous vide water bath. It’s so easy!