I don’t usually post about just football on here. I’ve tried to make it a point to write primarily about food with a little football thrown in for fun, because I’m not quite delusional enough to think the entire blogosphere loves the Ducks as much as I do.

But the world of college football was way too incredible yesterday for me to pass up writing about. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief.

First, Boise State lost to TCU! Boise State was previously ranked #5 in the country, and they just gave it up to unranked TCU. What’s worse is that they lost by missing a field goal, an easy, easy field goal, at the very end. The exact same way unbeaten Boise State lost to Nevada last year, ruining all hopes of going to a BCS game.

It’s a good thing I can’t stand Boise State, or I’d be feeling super bad for them right now. Really though, they’ve got to work on their kicker situation, apparently.

Another bizarre upset yesterday: Arizona State, who has been ranked as high as #18 in the nation this season, lost to the Pac-12’s little brother up north, Washington State. Yes, it was in Pullman, and yes, it was snowing, but still. Even Oregon State beat WSU, and we all know how well their season is going (er, in case you don’t, it’s pretty ugly).

To make this win even more unexpected (such an understatement. Unfathomed? Unimaginable? But it happened…), Wazzu was playing their third string freshman quarterback, Conner Halliday. In all reasonable realities, this should have been an absolute slaughter. I’ve always had a soft spot for Wazzu, and I’ve got to admit I was thrilled to watch them pull this out and see the shockingly young and inexperienced quarterback succeed.

Now, for the main event. Oregon, who everyone expected to lose (Lee Corso, you traitor, you), beat Stanford 53-30. No, we didn’t beat them in some triple-overtime death match, or with a last minute touchdown- we beat them by a solid 23 points, and frankly outplayed them throughout the whole thing.

One of the things that made this win oh so sweet was that Stanford attempted to give themselves a leg up by growing out their grass, with the idea that we would be tripping over ourselves attempting to play on it. In Oregon, we can’t maintain a grass field very well because of the rain, so we have a turf field, which is essentially plastic grass. Usually, teams whose home field is turf struggle when playing on grass, so Stanford just wanted to exploit that. Unfortunately for Stanford, everyone, even their own players, struggled on the lengthy blades, maybe even more so Stanford: “We were slipping. They were slipping. I just ran fast,” said LaMike of the field.

You go, DAT! Our newest speed demon, DeAnthony Thomas is a true freshman, and is absolutely incredible. Snoop Dogg (yes, Mr. D-O-double G) nicknamed him “Black Mamba” and it is just oh so perfect.

People talk a lot about our offense. And why shouldn’t they? We have three incredible, unstoppable running backs, LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, and DeAnthony Thomas (who doubles as a receiver), and a fantastic quarterback in Darron Thomas. But last night, our defense really brought it.

Andrew Luck, Stanford’s incredible Heisman frontrunner of a quarterback, didn’t have a bad game himself. Unfortunately, it was his offensive line and receivers, who kept slipping on that stupidly long grass, who let him down. Luck had two interceptions and a fumble, and Stanford had a total of five turnovers, the most they’ve had in a game all season.

Boseko Lokombo, a member of our fantastic defensive clan, intercepted a pass and returned it for a 40 yard touchdown to give us our 53-30 lead, the game’s final score. You go, Lokombo! Dewitt Stuckey, another member of the defense, had an interception, too, which Lavasier Tuinei quickly turned into a touchdown.

And man alive, did John Boyett have an incredible game. Yet another defensive player, Boyett, a safety, tripped up Luck and the O-line over and over. Really, Boyett has been just jaw-droppingly awesome all season. Fan-freaking-tastic. (He’s number 20 in the photo below)

Alright, I’ll be done now. I just couldn’t contain my excitement over yesterday, especially with the Ducks’ huge win! I’m so proud of my team! Keep up the good work, all the way to the oh-so-mysterious post season.