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My Cookbook

Sous Vide Meal Prep

This new cookbook teaches home cooks Chelsea’s method for incorporating sous vide cooking into their meal prepping routines so they’ll never find themselves wondering, “What can I possibly make for dinner tonight?” again.

My Favorite Sous Vide Recipes

I love that using sous vide makes hard to cook food easy. Thanks to this cooking method, I tackle food "projects" I never otherwise would! Here are some of my favorites.

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So, what is sous vide?

If you're just tiptoeing into the world of sous vide, it can feel really intimidating! Watch this video for a quick explainer before you dive in.


Sous Vide School

A step-by-step ecookbook/course hybrid to teach you how to sous vide delicious dinners, desserts, drinks and more! Sous vide cooking isn't nearly as complicated or difficult as you think!

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