It’s that time of year! Holiday baking. More importantly, cookie baking. Growing up, my mom would host a “cookie exchange” every year where we’d each bring a cookie, vote on a winner, and get to take home 1 cookie from every other participant.

Why don’t you do this anymore, mom?

I have to admit to not being much of a baker. There’s a precision about it that I’m too impatient for. Especially when it comes to decorating desserts. I’m much more concerned with taste than appearance.

Then I heard about embossed rolling pins.

Embossed rolling pins are exactly what they sound like: rolling pins with cut out shapes in them that you can easily transfer to baked goods simply by rolling them out.

I got the most adorable embossed rolling pin from Embossed Co. and I love the way it gave my simple sugar cookies an upgrade with minimal effort.

These rolling pins would make such a fun gift this holiday season, or just get it so you can have the prettiest cookies with the least effort!