You guys. I tried to make you a really fun Easter dessert. It was going to be a delicious marshmallow fudge topped with toasted coconut.

It did not turn out.

The marshmallows didn’t exactly melt the way they were supposed to and the fudge didn’t set up correctly. And by correctly I mean at all.

So it was dubbed “Easter Goo”. It was still sugary deliciousness, but nothing at all recognizable.

I even made delightful little meringues to go on top. Instead, I just had to eat those by themselves. Sigh.

Fiance’s reaction when seeing it out was “What the heck is this? It looks weird.” Yikes.

Everything worked out, though. I was forced to think on my feet and came up with Hot Cross Bun French Toast with Apple Compote, which I shared with you all last week.

I highly recommend this dish for Easter breakfast or brunch. It was ridiculously decadent, easy to make, and perfect for Easter.

Have a great holiday everyone, and happy baking! I hope yours goes more smoothly than mine did.